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The Bryan College Station Home Builders Association (BCSHBA) is a local, professional trade organization affiliated with the Texas Association of Builders and National Association of Home Builders, chartered in 1967 to promote and protect the building industry and its customers in Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson, Walker & Washington counties.

In 2014, BCSHBA obtained an assumed name certificate from the State of Texas for doing business as the Greater Brazos Valley Builders Association (GBVBA). This better reflects the area in which our members do business and the association represents.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate a positive business environment in the building industry.  We are committed to responsible growth by providing citizens with safe, quality and cost effective housing while promoting a positive economic future for the counties the association serves.


Membership and Benefits Information

With the payment of the yearly dues, you become a member of one of the largest trade associations in the nation - The National Association of Home Builders, or NAHB. You also become a member of the Texas Association of Builders, or TAB. Both organizations work for you in the political arena.
Along with NAHB and TAB, you also become a member in the GBVBA. Your local association is on top of local issues that may affect you as well as lending a hand to local causes. Networking opportunities for your business is the primary advantage of local membership. For a complete list of benefits, email






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